Staithes Festival of Arts and Heritage

Staithes Festival has established itself as one of the friendliest festival on the coast – a must-go-to event in the regional arts calendar.

During the weekend some 100+ cottages in the village become temporary art galleries in a unique selling exhibition. Staithes heritage is also celebrated in fossils, fishing, historic photographs and film shows.

North York Moors, Scarborough Borough Council and Welcome to Yorkshire
Light on the Beach

Glenn Kilpatrick

Staithes Festival Artists Beginning with H

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Pippa Hamilton

My artwork focuses upon the natural landscape, specifically places I have visited. I am drawn to the rural and coastal landscapes of Yorkshire, The Lake District and Scotland. I spend time within these settings looking, thinking and recording what I see through the use of photography and sketching. I am engaged by the textures, colours and forms which the landscape presents and the impact of time and the elements as they affect change. My artwork evolves through the use of textile materials and mixed media and becomes an intuitive and organic process as I work from my preparatory studies , memories and feelings.

Venue: Trig Point, Staithes Lane

Medium: Textiles, Mixed Media

Kathy Hammond

I’m an artist who works towards finished pieces from sketching and painting landscape / seascape. I also lead art workshops and undertake art commissions.

Venue: 1 Beckside

Medium: Paintings, drawings, textiles

Julie Hand

Julie Hand has created mosaics and taught its art form for many years, running workshops and courses in schools and the surrounding communities throughout Northern Britain. She has work installed in public buildings, and a large number of pieces held in private collections. Her work is created primarily from stained glass as she delights in its depths, tones and hidden secrets of colour and texture. This, along with dichroic glass, beads, cabochons, millefiori, vintage jewellery, fossils and other ephemera, enable her aim of the transference of an inorganic rigid substance into a resonating, emotive and living piece of art.

Venue: Hillsover Cottage, Church Street

Medium: Mosaic

Tom Handley

Rural craftsman, occasional painter.

Venue: Wavecrest Bait Room, Seaton Garth

Medium: Painting and carving

Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris’s latest collection of screen prints celebrate the diversity of her home region, paying particular attention to the relationship between man-made and natural elements that are entwined into our landscapes. Working from her original pen drawings, each print is a limited edition and hand printed by the artist in her Leeds studio. Harris has developed an approach which utilises this method to create contrast and depth alongside an often limited colour palette to evoke feelings which are both modernistic and nostalgic.

Venue: Greystones, High St

Medium: Printmaker

John Harrison

John is a trained graphic designer with a strong illustrative background. Drawn to pen and ink from an early age, he specialises in line drawings with watercolour washes .The east coast of Yorkshire, with its picturesque fishing villages and ports, is a rich source of inspiration. His website- - is updated regularly with details of forthcoming classes and events, and his original drawings and paintings are represented in the Old School Gallery at Muker in Swaledale.

Venue: Broome Cottage, Mount Pleasant

Medium: Pen and Wash

Colin Harrison

Colin lives in Staithes, as have his ancestors for over 400 years. He has been an avid photographer since he studied ‘photographic science’ at Atlantic College over 40 years ago. Colin enjoys capturing fleeting moments when nature displays its vivid colours but he also appreciates monochrome shots for the sense of mood and soul they evoke. Colin tries not to become blasé about living in such a photogenic area and dreams of combining his intimate knowledge of Staithes with perfect light and perfect composition; he hopes that in striving for this he can occasionally achieve excellence.

Venue: Arncliffe House, Cowbar Bank

Medium: Photography

Kit Hemsley

Kit is fascinated by clay in its multitude of colours and textures. Currently she is exploring its extremes with the delicate, flowing, semi-translucent, coloured Parian (porcelain) in stark contrast to her extremely tactile, burnished, sawdust fired pieces. The work is sometimes functional, often sculptural but always visually exciting. She has shown and sold her work through exhibitions and galleries in northern England for the last two years as part of the Northern Potters Association and as an individual. The processes Kit uses mean all her work is as individual as a fingerprint.

Venue: 2 Brown's Terrace

Medium: Ceramics, sculpture, jewellery

Beverley Ann Hicks

Beverley was born in North Yorkshire in 1967. She studied at The University of Newcastle upon Tyne, where in 1989 she was awarded a B.A.Hons in Fine Art and in 1991 a M.A. in Painting/Sculpture. In her paintings her intention is to recreate a specific atmosphere, predominantly through the careful juxtaposition of tactile paint application, colour and composition. She juggles with these elements, adding layer upon layer, scraping and rubbing away sections to create a coherence and balance. She is only happy with what she has produced when, as Howard Hodgkin so succinctly puts it: “You keep on balancing and balancing and balancing until the picture wins”

Venue: East View, High Street

Medium: Painting

Peter M Hicks

More and more I work toward an image formed in the material from ideas, perceptions in a conceptual form. A “paraphrase” of nature that I work to claim as my own, a thought, a conception, an idea working to claim its releasing identity; a life’s work, always finding myself at the beginning, “but new every morning”. As T.S. Elliot says in Little Gidding: We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time.

Venue: East View, High Street

Medium: Painting

Frances Holberry

I was born in Harrogate in 1969 and spent my childhood in Nidderdale. I attended Harrogate College of Art in the mid 80's. After marriage and starting a family i returned to painting in the late 1990's. My work generally evolves through an idea of natural progression, evoked by feeling and mood, developing tone and texture to create the depth of emotion. I work mainly with oils and acrylics but experiment using more textural media such as plaster and sand. I am influenced by the elements and the earth around me. I have exhibited locally in Yorkshire and have work in private collections in the UK.

Venue: Coble Cottage, Church Street

Medium: Abstract Painting

Caroline Hudson

With my work, I try to evoke a sense of moment from the places I love to be. The coast is a massive influence, it gives peace as well as invigorating me. The ever changing light is intoxicating! Whether working with clay or paint, texture and colour are essential elements in my Art. A recent relocation to the West Yorkshire Moors has injected a new energy into my work, I’m excited to be back in Staithes.. please visit me at Lahney Cottage !

Venue: Lahney Cottage. High Barrass

Medium: Painting and Ceramics

Shirley Hudson

New allegorical portraits with supporting studies in watercolour and pencil. I'm depicting people within their surroundings, hinting at their wider lives.

Venue: Wavecrest, Seaton Garth

Medium: Painting

Gail Hurst

My paintings are inspired by the Yorkshire moors and seascapes not far my home in Port Mulgrave. I work in a variety of mediums depending on the subject matter, my observations, experiences and studies in the environment. The materials selected are often a direct response to the weather, so for instance, on a wild day I'll choose those which can be applied quickly to capture nature's energy. My newest 3D form, hopefully finished for the 2018 festival, is likely to be called "Round Yorkshire" and includes images related to the county. Other collage work is on human forms.

Venue: Fisherman's Cottage, Gun Gutter

Medium: Painting, Collage/ 3D