Staithes Festival of Arts and Heritage

Staithes Festival has established itself as one of the friendliest festival on the coast – a must-go-to event in the regional arts calendar.

During the weekend some 100+ cottages in the village become temporary art galleries in a unique selling exhibition. Staithes heritage is also celebrated in fossils, fishing, historic photographs and film shows.

North York Moors, Scarborough Borough Council and Welcome to Yorkshire
Light on the Beach

Glenn Kilpatrick

Staithes Festival Artists Beginning with H

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John Harrison

Yorkshire born and bred, I have drawn since I can remember. My line and wash style...always a strong drawing with selective colour washes..has evolved from daily sketching, and I always look for a different, dynamic view of familiar places with the inspiration for much of my work coming from with Yorkshire, especially the East Coast.

Venue: Broome Cottage, Mount Pleasant

Medium: Pen and wash

Michelle Holland

In my book covers I combine the versatility of Clay with the excitement of Beach Found Treasure – seaglass etc, I then bind the papers with a Coptic binding stitch to create journals, I weave the back boards for the books, and I also weave shawls and throws.

Venue: Upstairs at Bethel Chapel, High Street

Medium: Bookbinder and Weaver

Brian Holland

As I work I respond to the clay's ability to reflect and express my physical, tactile and spatial experiences.  Experiences of figures in space, of sea and land, rocks and mountains and the whole gutsy feeling of life. Although I have long had a city based studio I have now moved back into the city to live and the cityscape and the hustle and bustle of people is having an influence on the imagery of my work. Much of my work is wood fired, some is fired in an electric kiln and some in a gas kiln but all is stoneware.

Venue: Upstairs at Bethel Chapel, High Street

Medium: ceramic sculpture

Caroline Hudson

Whether working with clay or creating mixed media canvases, texture and colour are essential elements to my Art. I try to evoke a sense of moment and time passed from the places I love to be. The coast is a massive influence, it gives peace and at the same time invigorates me; the changing light, the rock, the elements and the textures of the coast as well as the colours of the sea blending with the sky. The wild Yorkshire Moors also have a natural influence on me. I enjoy the sense of space and feeling of freedom they give.

Venue: Lahney Cottage

Medium: Ceramics & Paintings